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New Resolve UK Limited: Growing your future…. together

New Resolve is an associate organisation that provides bespoke consultancy services to help organisations, businesses and individuals adapt, grow and realise their full potential.

For Organisations

We specialise in organisational growth: developing vision, powerful relationships and effective structures and processes – all the things that enable the shift from ‘business as usual’ to ‘business of the future’.

For Teams

Effective Team Building is a critical success factor for any organisation that wants to be the best. The most successful organisations understand the value of their teams and their pivotal role in delivering quality and gaining competitive advantage. Effective teams understand why they are good, how they stay good and how important each member is.

We offer tailored solutions to harness the full power of your team.

For Individuals

Top performers in every walk of life understand the value of Personal Development. Access to the right people with the right skills at the right time is an essential ingredient for achieving personal goals and being your very best in both work and recreational life. So whether you are looking to lead your business or organisation to a new level, finding your way in or seeking a new career, embarking on a start-up business, or just looking for that something extra out of life, we can help.

We provide individually tailored personal development services, including psychometrics, coaching, mentoring and training.

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